Late random thoughts about a super Weekend 

My Startup Weekend Women

The sun is shining, birds are tweeting. Pretty much like last weekend, just that a week ago I was energizing at the Women Startups Weekend! 

 3 days of energy, brainstorming, skilled and open people, emotions, ideas and fun. That weekend has been seriously intensive, on Monday i didn't know were to start: I looked at all the notes, the pics, the new people I've got to know and I was like! I'm going to jot down in my sleeping-beauty-blog, some of the random spirit pearls I've got loaded with...


The craziest idea? Believe in it and give it a try

Plan hard and work hard 

Get it started with the right team

Team building is as important as the idea itself

Everybody can make the difference

Apple juice is not just apple juice #leefelstar #love

Keep it easy to communicate, to understand and to use

Team work is so powerful and enriching

One startup weekend catches the other...

Why was it so much fun?

I enjoyed so much Startup Weekend Women because it was challenging brains and feelings, with projects and with the relations between people. Everybody felt in charge Tweet: Everybody felt in chargein contributing to the open atmosphere. Big up to the orga team for communicating so good what it was all about, for taking care of expectations and needs. Just great job!

"We will never sit again here all together, in the same combination of people." True true, so: lots of love to all the people I've got to share thoughts, ideas and nice food with, my gratitude for all the things I could learn from you, the fun we had and for making me posting thoughts on my blog again.

Here my special smartphone-aka-bad-quality-pics gallery!